Our service is synonymous with meticulously cleaned vehicles, but Covid 19 has been a game-changer. Having done extensive research, we have concluded that in the first instance we wanted to minimize the anxiety impact the pandemic caused by remaining as close to normal as possible. This of course without compromising the health & safety of both you the Guest and the brave members of our team.

Here is how we intend to keep you safe:

  • Complimentary sanitising kits by “Bigelow” apothecaries
  • The driver wears gloves and a mask
  • No passengers in the front seat
  • Vehicle sanitising after each passenger
  • Deep clean of vehicle every evening
  • UV Sanitising of seats and touched areas
  • Fogging of each vehicle overnight

We have not deployed screens in the vehicle as this would interfere with the vehicle airbags. Our research shows that these offer no extra protection as the ventilation in the vehicle continuously circulates air regardless of screens.

Your safety is our primary concern, always!

Your safety will always be our priority!